A little preparation goes a long way. The Internet, Travel Blogs and Websites are a great source for travel inspiration....before you go:

Get Organized. Your Ideas. Once you've determined a destination, write down some of the things you want to see and do. Then decide what's most important to you and begin plugging activities into your itinerary. http://www.visitpanama.com

Your Budget. Start checking prices for flights and hotels. If you have miles, use them! Research the cheapest time of year to book a trip to your destination, as many flights and hotels are cheaper in the off-season.

Your Plan. As a general rule of thumb: The farther you're traveling, the farther in advance you want to start booking your travel plans from flights to activities to hotels to ensure your trip of a lifetime is one you'll treasure.

Pack Like a Pro. Packing a bag takes skill. And to many, it can be a work of art. Utilizing space and being spot-on about what items to include can take years to perfect. Coordinate your wardrobe with pieces that mix and match. Choose 2-3 color schemes (neutrals are always a safe bet) so each item can work with more than one outfit. Pack clothing using the "roll" technique. Lay two or three items on top of one another, smooth out and then roll them up like you would a sleeping bag. This saves space and helps prevent wrinkles.

Call the hotel prior to leaving home to inquire about items that come with the room (hair dryer, iron, robe, etc.). Otherwise, pack travel-sized items. If you're heading overseas, don't forget to bring the right plug adapter.

Organize your suitcase. Place your garments in the order in which you plan to wear the items. Wrap breakable items, like jewelry or glass, in socks and tuck inside the shoes in your luggage. Fill corners and edges with shoes and other cumbersome items. Top off with lighter items.

Before you go CHECKLIST. Make sure to check these to-dos off your checklist before you head out on your trip. Being prepared makes that well-deserved vacation go smoothly.

Give a friend or family your travel itinerary and contact info in case of an emergency.
Log on to USPS.com to stop your mail delivery.
Notify your bank/credit card company if you plan to use your card while traveling.
Photocopy your passport and/or driver's license for safekeeping.
Set plug-in timers in your home so it looks like you're home even when you're not.

Keep Your Meds Close: The chances of your bags getting lost are slim, but to be on the safe side, keep a supply of enough medication to last you the duration of your trip with you. That way, you won't miss key dosages of antibiotics or your daily prescription, if something were to happen to your luggage.

Commit to Your Daily Routine: If you're used to exercising, eating breakfast or going to bed early, make sure to continue to do these things while on your trip. Sticking to your routine will help your body have one less thing to work against. The rest is you, having a good time!

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